Providing used schoolwear for the benefit of the community

Telephone: 07913 725013


We have established Anchor Schoolwear for the benefit of those who find the cost of providing schoolwear for their youngsters rather expensive.  We will only be offering schoolwear that is reasonable to very good condition and any issues will be clearly marked on each item, e.g. Slight Discolour from washing etc.

Currently offering Schoolwear for:- The Mountbatten School

Collection Points:-


  • Mountbatten - Student Services (no Discount)


Discounts Offered in Return for donated Uniform handed directly to us

Selling Location:-

  • Mountbatten - Monday 2nd September 2019 16:00 - 17:00 in the Meeting Room near where Student Services used to be.  This is the Inset Day before term starts.

RETURNS:  If anything you purchase is not to your satisfaction or the wrong size, please return it and we will replace it or refund you.

12 Sylvan Drive, North Baddesley

SO52 9NA

Call: 07913 723013

Email: info@anchorschoolwear.co.uk